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April 2013

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This first blog on our new Wellness Blog Site explains a few characteristics that make for a good, client-generated blog/article.
           The important point is The Story.YouMy Wellness Blog is mouthglove.com attempt to relay relevant and timely information about your mouth's health and its connections to the rest of your body. should write about a wellness related procedure you have witnessed either in your family, or at a friend's house, neighbor, spa,etc.                        This first-hand knowledge goes a long way to instill the urgency and importance to make a good read.  The reader should feel how you are compelled to share this experience with the wider audience. If possible, add photos, scans of instruction manuals of wellness apparatuses used and reference any articles you know about that refer to an aspect of your story. Share the link.
Over time, it is hoped, these stories will serve as depository of knowledge that can be accessed by anybody with similar body aches for which established medical procedures do not regularly work.
Please also consider expanding, clarifying other client's stories, if you have pertinent observations to add.

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