S H O P P I N G    C A R T    

For the last nine years, we have used PayPal as our default payment provider for your dentures!

It is a secure way, involving no credit/debit card numbers to be displayed/exchanged with us directly!

It also gives you peace of mind when it comes to first time contact with an internet-centered company.  Why? Because Paypal also serves as the middle man between us two parties, seller and buyer.
They will initiate a complaint procedure in case you, the buyer, lodges a complaint for this transaction.

If not satisfied with our services/product, a complaint to PayPal will reverse the charges!

Become an account holder with Paypal for free! Now you can ask them to finance your over-100$ purchase for six months for free! Zero interest rate!

If not familiar with PayPal, payments can also be made by Credit or Debit card using this secure Shopping Cart page.

Look for the golden lock symbol on the lower right of that web page to assure for a secure and encrypted transaction!

Clients who have no credit/debit card or no computer/internet access and also no bank account can also snail mail a postal money order, made out to "mouthglove" to our PA address.
But a check from you bank will work as well, too. Please make that out directly to our lab: World Dentures Lab, LLC.
Please explain exactly what you want us to do for you and do include a phone number for further discussions.
Imprint Kit for your mouth
To get the process started, a $ 140 payment per arch is needed to send the imprint kit to you.
Price: $140.00
which arch?:
for a:male or female?:
Full pay, 1 Denture
Upper or lower, full or partial
Price: $175.00
2 or 3 teeth partial or Duplicate
Also called flipper. 1 payment covers both: kit and flipper. Same one time pay for the duplicate denture!
Price: $200.00
upper or lower?:
extra payment
For special situations-, as agreed between client and mouthglove
Price: $50.00
Breakage Protection, 1 year
Half price purchase option for one year if broken denture is returned to us.
Price: $9.99
Breakage Protection, 2 years
Free replacement denture if broken one is returned to us.
Price: $29.99


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