Dentures  International:

Because the Internet is accessible World- Wide, plus, our payment facilitator, PayPal operates world wide-, and national post offices are connected world wide-, why shouldn't our dentures be available World-Wide?  Online dentures? Discount dentures?

With that thought on our mind, we have included one more step of DIY for the national/international community of denture wearers.
Make your positive gypsum cast on top of your alginate impression!
Mind you, this can be for a flipper, an acrylic full denture, or a partial denture, made from acrylic or Valplast!

The containers of both; alginate powder and gypsum powder have clear markings on them as to the correct water level. There is very little that can go wrong at this step of the procedure. If you did a good job with the alginate (hardening time with the new, color-changing powder about 2 minutes) then you will find dealing with gypsum like child's play (hardening time 12 to 15 minutes!)

With the high postage required from our international clients, it is even more imperative to take a break after creating the alginate impression and sending us a pic or two of your work. We want to be able to see your "work in progress" so that only a good impression gets filled with the gypsum mix before it gets sent by mail. Remember, you can always get more alginate/gypsum powder from us if needed. This is free of charge and we do that up to three times before we start questioning your ability to produce quality results.

If you take the time and read thoroughly through the provided material, you'll be able to be an active partner in this endeavor and produce lab-direct dentures with our system. Mail-order dentures at its best!  Keep up your curiosity and enjoy the savings of dealing with online dentures!

Just one more point I want to make-, because it tends to be overlooked a lot...and with quite negative results!
Just because you did a good job producing an acceptable alginate impression as evidenced by your pics that you have sent us-, our dental restorative services can only work their magic if you stay focused on the process and do a diligent job continuing with the casting process.

Please, please please-: do not omit the step of "de-bubbling". What does that mean?
If you are ok'eyed to continue the process and fill your good looking, high detail alginate impression with the gypsum-water mix-: do take notice: We want you to be on the look out for air bubbles!!!
Believe it or not, but  these pesky air bubbles are the biggest spoiler in our process! They hide deep down within your impression and will distort the view of your existing teeth to a degree that only a new impression can overcome!
Do a vigorous regimen of tapping the alginate/gypsum  filled tray against the table top. You will see bubbles rising to the top! Only stop shaking that tray when bubble production dies down.
At this point, don't stop. Continue to fill the alginate tray with gypsum mix until it overflows. For that reason, you might want to position the tray right over the mixing bowl containing the gypsum mix. Why? Because this way, any overage will flow back into the bowl-, not being wasted.

Now give it about ten minutes to start hardening up. You can check that progress in your mixing bowl-, do not stir the cast itself.
Once you notice the gelling process has begun, ladle more mix from the bowl onto the tray. It won't overflow now because it is thicker and will stay. That way you'll top off the cast, making it thicker and stronger for shipping.
The hardened gypsum will not deform and can be sent back to us in the slowest and most affordable way possible.

For a step-by-step explanation, please look at the pics of our instructions that come with our impression kits.
Immediate dentures and overdentures are now also an option with us!!!

Mouthglove's Mail Order Dentures International!
Mouthglove's Mail Order Dentures International-, part 2!

Part 3 of mouthglove's mail order dentures international!

For pics about mixing and pouring dental stone, see our SLIDE SHOW PAGE.

Our  higher cost of sending internationally, is the rationalization that we are engaging in new business that has not been existent for us, so therefore we accept an "Advertising Premium"!
You are afforded the same prices than US clients!

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