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metal upper, ridge view: NOT a mouthglove, NOT made of Valplast! Old-fashioned partials are NOT offered by Dr.Heinz Buschan Dentures.Valplast upper partial Denture; our mouthglove!Mouthglove Dentures, your dental restorative services provider,  is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance.
Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from satisfied clients referrals.

Once you are a client and have gotten your Denture Impression Kit in the mail, made your own impression and cast; then sent it back to us and about three to four weeks later received your custom Denture to fit you well-, why not advertising our service to your circle of friends and relatives?.

Follow the instructions enclosed with the impression kit to achieve a high-detail impression of your upper and/or lower mouth.

Take a picture at that time, send to us for verification and then fill your impression with the enclosed gypsum to create the positive cast.

Do not separate the dental tray from the alginate impression that is filled with the gypsum!  They need to stay together like a sandwich, minimizing contortion.

Using daylight, choose your tooth color from enclosed Vitapan dental shading guide.  Mark your shade and enclose color guide with your return shipment. Let the gypsum dry overnight then send to us in either first class mail or priority mail-, your choice!

Once your work arrives here, we will break that sandwich apart, check the gypsum cast for suitability and then send the model to the lab.
In about three weeks they will return your new denture to us.

Your new set of teeth (affordable dentures) is sent on the way to you to get you smiling again-, and smiling all the wayyy to the bank!
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service possible.

If sore spots develop under your new dentures we will work with you to smooth out those areas. This is called an adjustment. Up to three adjustments are accepted by us. But if that does not solve your problem, we will have to call that denture a failure.

Two choices are available to you at that point: Either get your money back for the finished denture ($175) or allow us to start over again by sending you a second impression kit...and that is free of charge to you.
Once we get your new impression back here, it is off to the lab again and if that second, new denture is not fitting either, then you have no choice but getting back that refund for your "finished denture" fee of $175. We will not entertain a third try with any of our clients.

We are, after all, "Home of the Mouthglove™"!

  Now serving clients world-wide !

 Check out our new page:  "Dentures International" to see how this works!

 Mouthglove Dentures,   214 Noble Street,    Kutztown,   PA   19530  USA
               e-mail: clientservices@mouthglove.com  //   Tel: 866-666-9350

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