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This change will give you a new, lower price point per denture, i.e. affordable dentures!
Regardless if upper or lower denture is needed-, regardless if it is a full or a partial denture-, even an immediate denture: they are all now $ 315 per arch!
Ahh the beauty of lab-direct dentures!

Look up this information on our web page named: shopping cart!
It's now down to only 6 price categories: $ 140 for the impression kit;  $175 for the finished denture; $ 200 for a complete (includes impression kit and finished denture in this one price up-front deal) flipper (that's a partial denture comprised of only 1 to 3 teeth) and $ 50 for odd payments (an agreement between us and the client for a special price, hardship, extended payments, etc.
And now also for 2 insurance products at $ 9.99 or $29.99

Only lab-direct dentures with all acrylic teeth set in Valplast for partial dentures or acrylic for full dentures can give you these benefits.

You are welcome to e-mail us at: clientservices@mouthglove.com for answers and explanations to your specific requests and/or suggestions.

Our direct-connect 866 telephone number(no menus, no third party answering, no overseas routing) is: 866-666-9350

Upper with 3 crowns remaining
Upper with 3 crowns remaining
make an imprint, fill it with enclosed gypsum and send to Mouthglove Dentures.
Valplast denture; upper partial or full denture
Valplast denture; upper partial or full denture
We will send it to one of our participating labs for fabricating your removable partial or full custom dentures with the Acrylic or Valplast material.
Lab-direct dentures, also called: online dentures, now in place!
Lab-direct dentures, also called: online dentures, now in place!
By using our dental restorative services you'll have your new affordable dentures/discount dentures in a matter of weeks, not months! You'll smile all the way to the bank! Online dentures for you!!
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