FREE DENTURES to Living Organ Donors or Recipients

Mouthglove Dentures, a dental restorative services provider, now has a program in place: " Free Dentures"  to distribute our custom-made Valplast "mouthglove" to patients who have taken part in a living Organ Donation.

To clarify, this program does not apply to someone who has merely agreed to donate organs in the future after a deadly accident.

If this describes you or a person you know of, then e-mail us at: mouthglove@gmail.com, giving details like described below.

We will need "your story" as to what organ was transplanted, how you got acquainted with each other, what hospital/s  performed the operation/s, the doctor's name/s and date/s of the event.

Any published account of this would be very helpful, too.You will agree to let us use your particulars in any press release, press conference or any other venue we may choose to publicize our free Dentures to you.

This will serve to further elevate the term mail-order denture from merely being a synonym for affordable dentures to its rightful place as a respected and societal beneficial way to procure dentures.

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