Frequently  Asked  Questions:

1) Why should I get Dentures without the help of a Dentist?
By all means, if you have a Dentist option available to you, do it that way. A Dentist, with his vast medical knowledge of not only the mouth area but also of all the possible interactions between the mouth and the rest of the body is in the best position to help you in a most comprehensive, professional way.

2) I have no Dental Insurance. Can I pay for my Dentures in installments?
Sure you can. We are providers of Lab-direct dentures. Because the reason you come to us to provide your Valplast dentures is almost always a monetary consideration, we streamlined the process to get you your needed Dentures fast, without having to pay in full up-front.
A six-month payment plan with no interest is always available regardless of your credit standing.
Just go to our "Pricing & Payments" and the "Shopping Cart" page on this web site. Access them from the menu board on the left side of this column.
If viewing our mobile website then press the home button on top right.

3) Why is the first payment of $ 50 per arch "non-refundable"?
Getting Dentures to fit comfortably is a process. Our dental restorative services make you a partner in this process and need you to be serious about making it all work.
        If, after many work-ups and adjustments of your Denture, you feel the need to stop trying for that comfortable fit-, and you make the decision to return the denture to us-, then nothing more is owed by you. You will have lost $ 100 in the process, but we also will have lost money since the lab still gets paid in full for the fabrication of your Denture.
It all boils down to providing affordable dentures in a sustainable way, using the mail-order denture concept.

4) How long has this idea of mail-order dentures been around?
It was quite popular in the 1930's with companies shipping kits for self-impression to customers all over the US for affordable dentures. With added income in the following decades, most patients preferred to have Dentures done by a Dentist. But now, with money tight again, it's become a viable option-, again. There are other mail-order denture companies besides us who do this kind of service.

5) I have seen advertisements of Mexican Dentists on the web who promise to do "Immediate Dentures" in a matter of a few days for about $ 500 per arch.
If you still have natural teeth that hurt and need to be taken out, then this is a good way to take care of it in a money-wise way. You just have to travel across the border , take about a week of vacation time and receive dental care at a great price.
"Immediate Dentures" though, tend to be replaced by permanent Dentures a year or so later.
If you are in need of those permanent Dentures, we can be of help to you.
Alternatively, you could get your bothering teeth pulled stateside if covered by insurance and then we could fit you a permanent  Valplast Denture after two to three months of healing and strong bone loss!

6) How long does it take to receive the impression kit in the mail?
It depends on your payment mode. Personal checks take the longest to clear and that's why payments by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal are encouraged. Personal checks need 6 calendar days for clearance before kit shipment can occur. The other payment methods are recorded one day and product gets shipped out the next day or on the following Monday if you ran that payment through on a Friday or Saturday. Watch your e-mail inbox for automated notification (originated through PayPal) of shipment being sent with tracking number for you to follow. Mail-order denture at its best!

7) How much from the time I sent you the money for the Impression Kit until I have my own new Dentures in my mouth?
Your Credit or Debit card payment, as well as a PayPal payment will result in the fastest turn-around time for your new affordable dentures. Next-business-day shipping of your impression kit will occur.
How long of time you need to make your mouth's impression depends on you. Once the impression is received here by us in Pennsylvania, our dental restorative services people check it against needed detail and clarity of features(i.e. no overlapping fatty tissues on lower arch impressions). A positive filling of your impression is made with dental stone and gets air dried.
It is then shipped out to the lab for the actual fabrication of your removable partial custom dentures or full custom dentures.
With shipping back and forth, look for a bit over 6-7 week processing time here. Once the full acrylic or partial Valplast denture comes back to us, it is checked against your positive mouth model and then sent on the way to you, to be worn proudly! Your very first mail-order denture!
But don't forget, the process is not over here yet. A back-and-forth by mail could ensue until we have it just right!
Once you are satisfied with our dental restorative services and are wearing your new dentures proudly, you will be able to recommend affordable dentures to your circle of friends.

8) Can I order my denture in duplicate? I would like to have a back-up in case of breakage or misplacement. Is there a discount for the second/duplicate denture?
Valplast, the material of which our dentures are made from, is more flexible than the gum-colored plastic that is added to the widely used metal dentures. Breakages therefore should occur only in the harshest cases.
Misplacement and loss though, gets to be more frequent as we all grow older. If the duplicate is ordered at the same time than the original, then your regular "second set" discount applies, i.e. the second set, consisting of upper $ 200 or lower $ 200, or both
$ 400.
There is no further discount available for a "duplicate" because it takes the same amount of time and craftsmanship to assemble the "duplicate" versus the original. They are all put together by hand, tooth by tooth in the lab. Viva dental restorative services!

9) I don't want to be bothered with eight separate payments, can I pay for the denture in full now?
Yes, we can accommodate your request. This is a good way to save an additional 15% on the total cost of dentures from us. 
This is for people who are coming to us after a friend's good results with our mouthglove gave them the courage to go forward.
Here is the way this works: After you have purchased your impression kit, have received it and made your impression: mark your enclosed color chart with your chosen tooth color and also write in the word prepay or 15% off.
When we receive your impressions we can see what we are dealing with (a partial with a full denture; two full dentures, two partial dentures, etc.) and will send you an invoice for the total denture cost, showing your 15% discount.
This invoice will have legal text in it making it the base of us contracting with you to provide satisfactory dentures to you.
Take note that you are still covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee: If we can't get your denture to fit nicely, your money shall be refunded less $ 100 per arch for cost-sharing.
The above mentioned $ 100 stem from your paid impression kit of $ 50 and your paid denture delivery of $ 50. You have paid $ 0 towards your denture, which, if you don't like the fit after giving us three chances to adjust it for better fitting, you can send back and owe us not a cent more!

Color matching for mouthglove dentures, utilizing the 16-point Vitapan system.10) My old denture, which has the exact shade of my teeth, can that be used to match my new mouthglove denture?
Just send it to us in the same priority mail box with your freshly made imprints. We shall grade and name the shade on our 16 point Vitapan dental color guide. See picture at left.
Alternatively, we can send you as part of the impression kit same Vitapan color guide for self grading. You would then send the color guide back to  us with your choice of shade marked on the enclosed business card backside, listing all available shades.
It is helpful if you have a close friend with you to determine your theeth's shade. Between your and your friends opinion you should be able to come up with a close match. Always use natural daylight settings.

mail-order denture begins with this self-impression kit!11) Impression Kit: 
Reprint of enclosed instructions:
Dear Client, welcome to a brand new way to order custom-made dentures!
Your impression kit contains the alginate dental grade powder for an exact replication of your mouth. Upper & lower impression trays are also enclosed. Try em on for good fit while still bagged up. If larger/smaller trays are needed, call/e-mail us for a new mailing at no extra cost.
After settling the alginate powder all into the blue section "B", cut powder sachet at marked line and pour powder into a cup. Add cold tap water to the silver "A" section and pour into cup as well. Now stir with back of spoon. Finish mixing within 30 seconds. Do not incorporate any air bubbles.
Transfer that toothpaste like mix onto your selected impression tray, heaping extra material towards the center if you are making an upper impression.
Insert tray into your mouth, starting with your back teeth, the molars, and pressing downward against them roll tray towards the front, thereby squeezing out any air pockets.
On lower impressions, you also should pull out your cheeks sidewise to eliminate any fatty tissue that might overlay your bony arch and necessitate another impression. Bite down. Hold with your fingers in place for 2 minutes to let alginate settle.
From the time you scooped it onto the tray and until you pop it out of your mouth, 3 minutes have passed. Use frontal handle to pull forward and downwards, "popping" the settled UPPER impression swiftly from your mouth.
LOWER: pull upward and forward until it pops free.
You will know if you have a problem impression if you see lumpiness on the surface, usually an indicator of too dry a mix or an impression taken a little too late, as the alginate begins to harden already.
If in doubt, just take a few pics to send to us for evaluation before mailing your kit back to us.
Note to INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: Your impression kit will also contain a pre-measured bag of dental stone/gypsum powder for you to fill your impression with. You can then send your cast back via regular mail-, nothing will deform. Detailed info sheet included in your kit. ( See also question no. 15)
Rinse, then wrap that goo-filled tray that now has your mouth's impression on it into some wet paper towels and transfer to enclosed sandwich plastic bag and bag it again, both times sealing it tightly.
Stuff enclosed Priority Mail cardboard box with dry paper towels to avoid rattling, put the two impressions into it as well as the color guide, marked tooth color card plus any unused trays, powder pouches and mail right away.
INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS use their own envelope/box and pay their own way back.
Make the trip NOW to a postal office. Impressions are only good for maximal 5 days before they start deforming.
You are now well on your way to an innovative set or 3rd. teeth!

Note 1: Your actual enclosed instruction sheet may have updated info
Note 2: Take a look at the pics included in the slide show page for graphic help on the above explained points.

12)  How do I mark the areas in my new denture that are giving me problems?

dentures with markings for adjustmentsCircle areas that need grinding down in black (some protrusion that exerts pressure against your gum and feels uncomfortable and will after time irritate that spot to soreness).
If there is too big of a gap between your denture and your gums, (big enough to not allow your saliva to create a seal) then infilling is needed. You will mark those areas in RED.
Send dentures for correction via regular, but tracked, 1st class mail back to us.
No need to spend money on priority mail at this time, since only your wet impressions will deform, but not your finished dentures.

13)  If I live on Mars (the planet), can I order your Dentures?

Quick read on how to do our affordable dentures world wide! Not yet is our fast answer. But when that becomes a reality, we're on it and figure out some way to do just that!
Meanwhile, just enjoy ordering from us, no matter where you live!
If the internet is global, then so are we!
Those two pages to your left explain how to go that extra step and do dentures with us internationally!
You see, the alginate based impression will start to deform/dry out/diminish/shrink after five days so its not a good medium to use within the international postal service where shipping times back to the US will exceed that time limit.

But now, that we send you your own Gypsum powder cup with the impression kit, you are able to fill your impression
Affordable Dentures at its best! Read on how to be an active client within our restorative dental services!with the water-gypsum mix. 
It feels just like the alginate mix you already completed, a tooth-paste like consistency!

What we ask of you, while involved in that process,is that you email/message us several good, close-up pics of your alginate impression before you endeavor to fill them with gypsum. Remember, that impression is good for several days-, so no need to rush it! 

Once we see that you've got a good-to-go impression, we let you finish the process and fill it. All that is left now, send us the whole "sandwich": dental impression tray; filled with alginate and topped with gypsum!

Choose your shipping method, fast or slow, cheap or expensive, your cast is set and won't change no matter how long shipping takes.

And let me end now with repeating the final words on the document picture above:   "You are now well on your way to an innovative set of 3rd. teeth!"

P.S. Nobody like complications! But here it goes: If any sore spots develop, you will mark them as explained in question # 14 and will have to send denture back to us for adjustment. 
This is normal procedure with your local dentist where you are asked to come back for several "fittings" until the dentures are sitting just right. Doing that internationally puts just so much more strain on everybody... Now you know.

14) Please, please, please:
Do not separate your impression from the dental plastic tray! Those two, just like a sandwich, need to come back to us as one unit!
The reason is deformation and shrinking. If not left in its original tray, then the alginate, having two open borders to air, will show deformation in half the time, making your impression, by the time it reaches us via Priority Mail, totally unusable.

keep the moist impressions in their dental impression tray-, the DIY denture way!This is a pic of an "unsupported" wet impression that we actually received from a client. Why they did not include the tray is beyond me, they surely have no use for it.
A good way to be on the "up and up" is to do a pic of your impressions and send it to us BEFORE sending them.
That way we can detect irregularities and stop you from sending unusable impressions to us. We'd rather send you more impression powder sachets (at no extra cost to you!) than receiving bad work.
The important thing here is to have an actively curious mind about all of these facets of this procedure. Own it!!

15) What are "Immediate Dentures"?
That is a term used to describe a denture that has been fabricated before the scheduled extraction of some or all teeth in your mouth.
     Because the denture exists at the time of your extractions-, you can wear it immediately after extractions have taken place. If swelling of the gums is severe, then you still have to wait about a week before denture will fit over the gums.
     But it beats, hands-down, the prospect of having to wait after extractions about two weeks for swelling to be minimal and then another two months to account for bone loss before an impression can take place.
So why isn't everyone doing this?  Cost!
You see, bone loss is still to occur, maybe a little less since you are wearing the immediate denture which will transfer forces from bite down and chewing into the underlying bone which will respond to that pressure by not rescinding as much as without any pressure.
But expect your immediate denture to feel very loose within 1 to 2 years and you will be looking for a new denture, shaped to the new realities of your gum lines.
Dentures fabricated after 2-3 months after extractions, will have a working life span of 5-8 years.
Special offer from mouthglove.com for returning clients that ordered an "immediate denture" from us: If new dentures are needed within five years of service-, than that'll be a $ 200 price tag per arch!
Happy chewing!!

16) Order confirmation:
We do not send out "immediate", automated order confirmations like the ones you might have gotten used to by ordering from Amazon.com and others.
When you place that order, it is always submitted through a Paypal page and as such you will get an immediate confirmation from Paypal THAT YOUR FUNDS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED TO US.
Now, here, after receiving your order, we have to put together your impression kit package, address it properly and physically have to walk it to the nearest post office-, a process of 24 hours!
So only after your kit has been securely shipped by tracked and insured Priority Mail we have a tracking number for that and will input that into Paypal which in turn, will relay that information to you. Now, that is your real confirmation of your order being taken care of!

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