Vitapan  Dental  Shade  Guide

Invented in Germany and in use for over 50 years, this is the most widely accepted Dental shade guide in the world!
We have here a photo of the device, showing all 16 shades.

Dental shading guide for remote self-grading.Your Valplast denture will then be a great match to your existing teeth.
In case you misplaced our shade guide you can just click to enlarge the pic, print it out in color and self-grade your teethes color!

A1 - A4 = reddish-brownish
B1 - B4 = reddish-yellowish
C1 - C4 = grayish shades
D2 - D4 = reddish - gray

This picture below shows you how to color-match your existing dentures to the shade guide. This way, your new mouthglove denture will match your remaining teeth in your mouth.
For natural teeth left in your mouth, just hold the guide next to them and match the color in the mirror. 
Always use natural daylight!

Currently, we do not use the physical Vitapan guide anymore, just a printed color guide showing the same choices. You will mark your choice on this post card sized color guide and send it back to us together with your fresh imprint of your mouth.

In the future, we want to reduce the choices to the four most relevant and most often requested shades.
Vitapan Color-matching for mouthglove dentures.

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